Founded in 2014, Tempus Konnex is a collaboration of professional artists from different fields, who have committed themselves to setting a new stage for avant-garde music.

TEMPUS KONNEX is more than an ensemble in the classical sense of the word. To perform and understand music requires going beyond simply playing repertoire: it involves unveiling the music’s technical and aesthetic considerations as well as its historical setting to the audience. Therefore, theory is not perceived as an imposition overshadowed by music, but rather as a vital element of the music itself.

For this purpose, the concerts include an integration of lectures, interviews and discussions. Moreover, Tempus Konnex’s activity is not limited to the stage but extends to its website for reflections about contemporary music. Extensive dialogues, essays, and criticisms are regularly facilitated and foster a close collaboration of performers, composers, musicologists and philosophers.

The synergy of playing, hearing and thinking is the core idea behind Tempus Konnex. Audiences are invited to learn about this synergy and to take part in it.