The word “museum” derives from the ancient Greek, meaning “house of muses”. Nevertheless, the muse of music known as Aedea or Eutherpe, seems not to have frequented such places often enough.
Aglaya, a name coming from the Greek mythology, (Ἀγλαΐα, “the glowing grace”) was the youngest and prettiest from the Three Graces, and symbolizes intelligence, creative potential, and intellectual intuition.
The violist Aglaya González expands her creativity and follows her intuition in order to reach out musically every corner of the museums. She presents thematic concerts through a repertory directly bound with the exposition, adequate to the particular characteristics of each museum or exhibition halls. This repertoire consists of instrumental pieces combined with vocal pieces, poetry and comments about the artistic works and their authors.
She participates in projects such as "MusaE" (, a project that claims the presence of music in museums, making them the home of all the arts and generating a synesthetic experience and a special artist-public interaction. It seeks to reach the most intimate of each viewer, that place where each person recognizes itself in art and rejoices in contemplating it. Aglaya as an artist has within reach the possibility of regenerating through music a society that has a little forgotten how to appreciate the exuberant beauty of the spirit.
Below you can see samples of several thematic concerts in museums:


Spanish music concert at Museo Sorolla (Madrid)

Aglaya González, viola


Sephardic & mystic music at Museo Sefardí (Toledo)

Aglaya González, viola & viola d’amore


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